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What is MBO:

Medicare BackOffice® (MBO) is the Medicare solution for agents who don’t specialize in Medicare. MBO has a team of dedicated insurance agents who are licensed, contracted and certified in all 50 states to provide Medicare advice and products to your clients.




Intro to Medicare:

Medicare can be complicated for those who don’t specialize in it. That is why Medicare BackOffice® is here to help. We specialize in helping registered investment advisor (RIA) representatives and broker-dealer-affiliated agents meet their clients’ Medicare needs, and we do it at no cost.




How to Refer:

Our team helps your clients with Medicare solutions and education, thus keeping them happy so they don’t seek out potential competitors. These are your clients, so we keep you informed throughout the process. It all starts with a referral.




Website Review:

Is Medicare absent from your solutions portfolio? That’s common for many registered investment advisor (RIA) representatives and broker-dealer-affiliated advisors. Medicare BackOffice® fills that gap. We offer complimentary resources throughout our website for increasing Medicare knowledge.




Agent Stories:

Our high standards make you shine. Maybe your client has been denied coverage in the past. Or perhaps they need a plan that’s effective immediately. Regardless, we’ll find suitable options and do it at no cost to you, or the client. Our deep dive research means clients discover the most suitable plan for them.